Going ass-to-ass with a partner and masturbating the other person through your legs.
After huffing paint, Shira and Danny babooned in the laundry room.
by Kendrick Paulson February 21, 2011
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1. A fat ape with a huge amount of body hair and BO originating from the far east.
2.A crappy insult.
1. Kid - Wow, Thats a fat Baboon.
2. Kid - Your a D*ck faced baboon.
by The Koaladude September 10, 2005
A person that sags their pants revealing they're ass.
boy 1: Dude, you see Robert's sagging his pants?
boy 2: Yea he's a totally baboon
by hshadow April 22, 2009
B.A.B.O.O.N.- big ass boner out of nowhere
Nimit got a baboon after CJ and Hillary asked him if he was an ass or a titty man.
by Katzenback December 09, 2007
A collateral effect of having anal sex without a lubricant, which occurs as a red rim around the brown eye. The effect brings associations with the baboons butt. Can be used as a humiliating revenge that leaves itchy memories.
She pissed me off being a smartass, so didn’t lubricate my Johnson and gave her a red Baboon
by Krzychudab March 21, 2007
To Baboon someone is to (often with the help of a large-handed accomplice) slap them firmly on the naked buttocks. The victim's posterior rapidly takes on the bright-red appearance of that of the Hamadryas baboon.
Geoff was just picking up his towel when Al and I gave him a run-up Babooning - man, you could fry an egg on those glowing cheeks!
by doyouknowtheowenbrothers? November 30, 2006
A 'baboon' is the equivilent of a rim job.
Oh man. She gave me such a hot baboon last night that it was a rusty trombone!
by Muff butt January 11, 2009

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