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A table filled with babes. A cafeteria or lunch room table, completely full of gorgeous girls (at least an 8 or above).
Damn, that's an attractive bable.
by DaBableMeister February 26, 2011
tiny baby buttered bagels.
Hey, dude. Where's my bables?
by theambre July 28, 2008
A place to sit at a restaurant that had a booth on one side of the table and chairs on the other side.
Jorge was so fat, but loved sitting in a booth, he always sat at a bable when going out to eat.
by hockeyfaninaz September 17, 2008
kya bhari bable hain wah !!!
by Gautam Shroff November 03, 2003
this word doesn't mean much on it's own. But once put together with twix(which doesnt mean much either) makes the best expression ever. bable-twix totale!
-hey man what's up?
- hey dude, i just had the best party ever!
- oh man, awesome, BABLE-TWIX TOTALE!
by bc14a November 28, 2006

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