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im going to piss about on b3ta all day and do no work!
by buckets May 22, 2003
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Somewhere to play instead of getting on with your work.
"Couldn't be bothered completing that order, but look! I Photoshopped a kitten!"
by C November 20, 2003
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The greatest website to ever be made. Ever. Seriously.

"God, b3ta is great"
"I agree, now help me to bumrape this goldfish"
by Naive Amoeba January 17, 2005
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Kittens, penguins, polar bears, marmots, chinchillas, squirrels, rabbits, orking, spong-ing, earsocks and more kittens. Need I elaborate?
I used to be productive, then I found b3ta
by MartinH November 04, 2003
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Your ONLY source for funny pictures
>You saw the new b3ta pics today?
>Yeah the cat in a toaster was damn funny..
by Gungsta-Pasta August 02, 2003
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A website filled to the brim with adults with the minds of children. Some of these "kidults" are quite talented artists, and should be out selling their wares, but instead waste their efforts creating a masterpiece then scribbling a giant penis on it and calling everyone "gay".

Though the "b3ta mindset" is easy to slip into, it is generally a bad idea; you will end up finding humour in things most normal people have long abandoned for a more mature attitude.
A typical discussion about an image on b3ta:

Jack: "LOL! A COCK! How original!"

Jill: "No it's not"

Jack: "LOL! COCK!"
by BatDyke October 09, 2006
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