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Noun, meaning something which is broken, buggered or generally not fully functional. Probably derived from a typo of "broken" or "broked"
"My graphics card is totally b0rked"
by Necrotic April 14, 2003
94 7
Alt meaning:

Common noun spoken by Puppetus Swedish-Chefticus.
b0rk b0rk b0rk b0rk...
by FxXP June 01, 2004
36 11
Stupid moronic chat bot used by clubsoft usually on Blitzed net #tgf or #apocalypticcoders
* canazza kills b0rk by setting a gay Peter Pan onto him.
* b0rk a cellphone
by canazza March 30, 2003
1 61
b0rkatron pwnz j00
by rich the l33t May 04, 2003
2 64