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a fucking bitch that cheats on all guys she is with then puts them out of their missery by dating his ex's friend
ayva is a prick
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by hobojoeblack July 17, 2016
this lass is beautiful!

she is one of the most amazing friends you will ever have!
she may have a fat bum...but it doesnt matter shes gorgeous in everyway,
she helps you through ANYTHING! and tbf is perfect:)
beautiful eyes, gorgeous smile, perfect personality and well amazing!
the only bad thing is that she is the reason there are earthquakes in china/japan...welll heeyyy fatty's gotta exersise!:O haha i love ayva more than life itself ;D

this is only aimed at one ayva. and she knows it.

nuff lovee!<3
ayva is a babe. you want her in youre bed.
by shannnIsABabe August 16, 2011
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