an ayla is an amazing girl. the name means they will be gorgeous, intelligent, athletic, and always is willing to listen to others. ayla is patient and kind and loyal. ayla is simply amazing.
A girl sits alone and cries. ayla leaves her friends and will comfort the girl, while everyone else lets the girl suffer.
by km456302 October 22, 2010
Top Definition
Ayla is just one of those girls.. one of those girls who can make you laugh (even when you shouldn't), dance (even when you can't), be a little crazy (even when you're the shyest person in the world) and in all reality, just bring out the best in people.
Ayla... that's what I'm talking about!
by Vicky September 04, 2004
Beautiful and humorous with bright shining eyes; a contagious laugh; dancing queen; gorgeous smile; can brighten the day with her dimpled smile. Loveable and gives the best hugs!
You dance around just like Ayla.
by Mamalovesherbaby March 26, 2010
Ayla is a word with many meanings, and the key to dozens of personalities in people.

Ayla is both an electro-pop band from Eastern Europe, A coven, beloved cave woman from the novel Ayla of the Bears, Hebrew for Oak tree, Turkish for Moonlight, and "Oh my God!" In a few Indian dialects.

Ayla has also become a popular phrase in some areas for something intreguing, or mysterious.

Ayla is also a popular character from a video game, and the title of a Japanese magazine starring dozens of big-breasted animated women.

Most importantly, Ayla is me.
"I used to love Ayla."

"You are so Ayla sometimes!"

"Ayla have just released a new CD called Nirwana"

"I jack off to Ayla."
by AylaGoddess November 19, 2004
An amazing, funny and a little bit crazy girl that could never let you down. Her smile will light up your day and can make you want to hold her by the hand so you can take her away to wherever she wants because she deserves the world and more :)
Guy 1: Did you just see that hot as babe walk by?
Guy 2: She's not a babe..... she's absolutely, undeniably beautiful :)
Guy 1: Your right. She's a definite Ayla.
by Dr.TurkishDelight December 05, 2010
Ayla is a girl you dont want to mess with if you do she could tear you limb from limb in your sleep and not get in trouble. Though a genius, beautiful, generous, kind hearted, a Japanese anime geek, animal lover, really crazy, can make you laugh and cry, can also make you have tons of fun if your her friend, and a full blown girl gamer that could beat you at halo ezay. She is very dark and knows more then an average person. Ayla is a deamon princess stuck at the age of 14,000,000, loves to turn into a puppy that could kill a loin in a matter of minutes, she loves to cast spells, has a hell hound, deamon cats, and several dragons as pets, a stong sibly, and loves fantasy, and the sister to the devil. She will love to have you as a friend but if you double cross her you'll be cursed
Jakob- ahh get away from me your sush an ayla

Ayla- idiot i am ayla
by cookie monsterz March 05, 2015
Ayla is beautiful and talented not only is she funny , caring , smart , athletic ,creative and lots more she is the best friend I could ask for . Her smile could turn the worst day into the best and she is an amazing dancer , pinapples are her best friends
Ayla that picture is amazing

Ayla your the best
by Littlevivo03 December 14, 2015
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