A douchebag who tries to hide his own douchiness in a hazy fog of Axe spray-on cologne.
That guy in the Von Dutch hat and Abercrombie shirt smells like straight Axehole!
by Matt McGrath December 26, 2014
A word for guys who use an extreme amount of axe to the point where girls automatically know they are an ass.
When I walked by and smelled his overpowering amount of cologne, I immediately knew he was an axehole.
by Becausewhynot August 29, 2014
A person who sprays various cans of axe on at one time.
Man, I can smell it from here. That guy is a total axehole
by dallen934 October 07, 2011
-A gash in a solid object or mass, produced by forceful contact from a swing of an axe.
-A play on the word asshole, a sort of Malaprop.
-A term that describes dirtbag lumberjacks.

-When used in conjuction with lumberjack,(a derogatory term for gay men) it can be an add-on to further convey a gay male's affinity for man orifice.

-A double entendre that can be used in a script re-write to appease a Television or Film censor.
"Did you catch the Lumberjack Sports Show on the TV? There were axeholes everywhere"

"Yeah, homo Ernie loves the axeholes, he's a real lumberjack."

"Well the censor said we can't have the villain say asshole. So, instead of a knife, we'll give him an axe, and as he finishes hacking his victim up, we'll have him say..."
"How do you like that, axehole?"
by JuanThompson July 19, 2007
Someone who asks stupid, annoying, insignifigant questions.
My mother is such an axehole at family affairs, while interogating others.
by Desiree' June 30, 2007

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