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A person who uses an obscene amount of Axe body spray.
Dude, you're such an axehole, I can't breathe in this locker room!
by Woletrap Nayr July 19, 2008
When a person sprays a large amount of Axe Body Spray in a locker room in an attempt to mask the smell of terrible B.O.
"I'd rather smell Osama Bin Laden's crack than have to whiff this dreaded axehole infested locker room."

"Grow a pair, faggot."
by Hi I'm OrdealByFire March 15, 2009
What people who use obscene amounts of Axe body spray smell like.
Man, Chris smells like an axehole today.
by Wayne Enterprises Inc. December 02, 2010
The nasally challenged dork who engulfs himself in every axe product available all on the same night, thus sending your nostrils and lungs into overload and out of commission for the night.
Jesus, I could could smell that axehole a block away; someone please hose him off.
by Slippery noodle September 27, 2011
How to refer to a person that sprays on an obnoxious amount of scented product such as a popular bodyspray.

Said person used to be referred to as "Smelling like a cheap whore-house"

Often associated with the wearing of gaudy gold chains, large amounts of hair gel and experiencing a diminishing IQ.
Wow, Did that guy spray a whole can of perfume on himself? What an Axehole!
by NesterG July 13, 2012
Someone who uses the Product Axe too much.
See that guy over there? He has 5 different kinds of Axe products at his house, he must be an Axe-Hole.
by SargeantSharts July 18, 2011
A person who wears so much body spray it triggers your gag reflex
Seriously, he's such an Axe-hole!
by Puertorekinsam June 29, 2011
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