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When something is weirdly awkward. Combination of "awkward" and "weird".
Guy one walks into his shared dorm. Find his male roomate dressing himself as a woman.

Guy one: Ok..This is totally awkweird...I'll be going.
Roomate: Uhm...it's not what you think.
by Gabriella May 21, 2005
a person, place, or thing that is neither a pathetic-cute awkward nor a savvy-suave weird, but rather a weird awkward and awkward weird.
Person A: "I just cleaned the crevices between my toes with a hang nail."

Person B: "I must say that's pretty awkweird."
by neosushisek August 07, 2011
awk.weird -(adj.)
1. A situation compounded by its awkward weirdness;
2. A state, condition or feeling that is slightly too strange to be weird alone, and WAY too uncomfortable to just be awkward.
"...So I ran into her at Starbucks this morning in the same clothes I banged her boyfriend in last night...Um, AWKWEIRD!"
by j.peg July 16, 2012
Strangely uncomfortable or uncomfortably strange
As I was in the washroom, my cat opened the door accidentally, as I was just standing up to wipe.

It made me feel awkweird!
by Awkweird 2002 December 16, 2011
When a situation is so awkward and so weird that the essence of it cannot be captured by either word alone.
I went to the gyno yesterday and it was totally awkweird. (It was a cute, new intern performing the exam...)
by trompika July 11, 2012
when something is so weird that it makes the entire situation awkward
Ash: Hey dude whats up?
Brandon: Not much, just thinking about pteradactyl porn
Ash: thanks for making that totally awkweird
by nonstopgamer14 January 04, 2010
A situation, person, place or thing that is both awkward and strange.
"That Matt kid jumped up yesterday in class to look at all of us for a whole minute in silence, suddenly screamed 'YOU'RE THE ALIEN!' and ran out. It was awkweird."


Person 1: "Whoa , look at that turtle-shaped dildo."

Person 2: "Wow, awkweird."
by Rom vs Any March 06, 2011