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Abbreviation for Andrew W.K. To "AWK some shit up" means to party hard and destroy everything. Term popularized by the Giving Chase crew.
"I'm drunk as fuck, let's AWK some shit up!!!!!!!"
by Mar April 07, 2005
14 36
Adjective used to describe an action or situation deemed as awkward.
Anthony: By the power of Grayskull....I HAVE THE POWER!!!!(Transforms into HeMan)

by Haracio De La Sanchez April 19, 2005
231 80
Adjective describing something awkward.
"Is that your ex? This is awks!"
by Alicat24 May 30, 2007
171 52
usually an adjective used to describe and awkward and uncomfortable situation.
"hey do you have a crush on me?"



by cannedclams51 November 13, 2010
128 50
What stupid 12 year old girls say when a situation is considered "awkward".
Omg! My name is Ashley too! That's so awks!
by Freakingbuttttt September 21, 2011
112 48
this is a stupid word intended to be used in awkward situations only to make the situation even more awkard, this word is used by people that aren't very comfortable with speaking the english language.
Person A: you're beautiful!!!!!
Vas: awks
by N0547 March 16, 2011
90 47
An abbreviation of the word awkward to describe a situation so awkward that simply describing it as "awkward" isn't enough. Hence, the usage of the most awkward word, "awk."
Joe: Oh, are your eyes closed in the picture too? We're matching!
Jim: ...I'm asian. awk.

Hawk: Oh, was that your pet I just attacked? Hawwwwkward.
by blahblahblo February 07, 2011
61 33
its an abbreviation of awkward. I first heard it one 102.1 the edge on Barry Taylor's show.
guy one: did you hear? Steff has an STD!?
guy 2: oh shit, and i was gonna fuck her silly too...
guy 3 walks up: Guys Guess what? I FUCKED STEF LAST NITE!
guys 1 and 2: awk....
by Andrea;) October 27, 2004
52 42