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It is a way of describing something or someone for example
Out of Alex and Shannon, Alex is the awesomest
by Numes November 16, 2013
0 1
1. coolest
2. goofiest
3. bestest
4. sweetest
You are the awesomest person around!
by Anonymous September 15, 2003
8 9
the person/thing that exceeds all others of the same category
Isaac is the awesomest.
by mayaorsomething November 02, 2010
2 4
The best, the greatest, the most fabulous, the most awesome thing ever!
Teen #1: How did your senior photo shoot go?

Teen #2: Great! My senior portraits are the awesomest pictures ever! I am smokin' hot in these shots and I just love 'em!
by PhotographybyTina April 23, 2009
2 4
1. The most awesome form of something.
2. A superlative version of awesome (i.e., awesome, awesomer, awesomest)
3. Matthew and Kelly
1. That was the awesomest party I've ever been to last night.
2. Doing out and drinking would be pretty awesome, it would be awesomer to have someone pay for me all night, but the awesomest thing I could think of to do is to stay home and play Wii with my hot girlfriend.
3. Matthew and Kelly are the awesomest couple ever...I will never be half as cool as they are.
by KbellBunny May 30, 2008
10 12
The most Awesome person/place or thing on the planet.
I don't care what you think Lance Stormsinger is the awesomest angel boy the worlds have ever known!
by Deathgod August 08, 2012
0 4
Better than the most awesome!
I am the Awesomest!
by woooooooooooooooooooo! October 12, 2009
1 5