A) The true sense of the word is to describe something that inspires awe, a feeling of being overcome by ecstatic wonder, all in all a rather powerful word.
B) But this is an Urban Dictionary & unfortunately this word has now completely lost its power & meaning, with help from the American media & Hollywood (& skateboarding turtles), now, when you hear someone say "Awesome", their probably referring to a massive zit they've just discovered on their face! So I guess it's up to you how you use it; the way it's been used by poet's & enthusiasts over the century's, or the inarticulate American stoner way......dude!
A) The view of the glacier from up here is truly awesome!
B) Hey look dude, there's a totally awesome bug on my shoe..huh, oh well; Squish...
by HungryGhost January 16, 2015
Term used to denote someone totally fantastic and generous - puts others before themselves.

See also: bringer of wine
She was an awesome girl, she'd gladly pop to Sainsbury's and pick you up a nice bottle of red when you're tired.
by Rbputt June 19, 2014
Most amazing, awesome, spectacular name in history. In pig Latin it means 'swag to the max' it also means 'dem titties tho'. Overall it is the most awesemazing word in the whole wide world.
"That person is so bleackley." Or "man those bleackleys are nice"." those bleackleys are awesome."
by Nob gobbler May 10, 2014
inspiring awe, also used to describe something epic.
'Hey look! What an awesome Stefan!'
by dali95x February 18, 2012
The plural of awesome... which doesn't quite exist. The word doesn't actually exist or can be used in any sentence, except the one below.
"there's no such thing like two awesomes"
by MADshrimp December 17, 2009
extremely impressive or daunting; inspiring great admiration, apprehension, or fear.
Awesome job, said the teacher.
by tsuretette ageru November 10, 2014
Rainbow Dash.
I know, its gonna be, So.. AWESOME!
by TotallyNotABrony November 09, 2013

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