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banana bread with a layer of chocolate icing and a layer of peanut butter on top
I am having some awesome for breakfast.
by jdubbs899 May 16, 2010
one who just friggin rocks your world

the person who can make you cum just by their smile and voice

what are you looking here for beautiful you already know Awesome !
girl 1: ok why are you smiling?

girl 2: see that guy over there, when ever he looks at me like that it just makes me wet and dripping

girl 1: Awesome !
by Disasterz April 15, 2010
You Tube "I'm Awesome" by Spose
A song written to describe who is Awesome
by Guest598745632158965 March 15, 2010
Some who is above cool.
Joseph is really Awesome.

Someone should see that.
by theawesome1 March 04, 2010
another word for "cool", anything awesome is pretty much defined by these two cool kids that go by sweet n sour.
sour aiden & sweet karoline define the word awesome and anything with it.
by ssawesome February 11, 2010
That which describes a pair of people. Both of which awesome, although one tends to be more awesome than the other. AWEsome is used when two awesome people combine their majestic and quite magnificent powers of awesome. Normally, both of these people have blue eyes, and a great sense of humor (although mostly sarcasm). The word AWEsome cannot be spelled any other way than AWEsome, and cannot be used to describe anyone by anyone who is not indeed awesome. Even an AWEsome duo cannot officially describe another duo as AWEsome. That duty is up up to Cap'n Crunch, the inventor of light blue 'rade, and/or nuclear waste demons (fireflies)- also known as the Hierarchy of AWEsome.
"That chick Liz, and that dude Dale are the exact description of AWEsome. In fact, I would even go as far as saying they should be inducted into the Hierarchy of AWEsome!"

-"If Chuck Norris and her got into a fight, she would win. Hands down."
-"Because she's AWEsome."
-"But AWEsome comes in two's."
-"Yeah, see that guy walking with her?"
-"Oohhhhh, yeah- she'd totally win in that fight."
by Dizzale the Whale July 16, 2009
Nathan Falk
Nathan Falk is awesome
by hownowbrowncow? July 07, 2009