a huge thug that gets all the girls he wants. one letter to describe avi would be "G."
Avi is sooo thug, i wish i was that cool.
by Biatch!!! August 31, 2004
One of the greatest people ever born.
The good girl-guy.
Has been linked up with almost every classmate.
Avi with another girl.
by Coolguy123 February 14, 2013
A pretty, nice girl. Always polite to her friends. Shy to those she doesn't know. Hilarious to those she does.
Whoah, look at that Avis! Should i talk to her?
by Yoitsmeupinherr! July 09, 2011
A fantastic, fun to be with girl. She will look very pretty and will be super nice. She will be classy and not dress like a whore You have to work hard to make an Avis be mad at you. Random, fun to hang out with, and never cheats.
Wow, look at that avis!
by beebox911 June 04, 2011
a funny girl who is quite artistic and lovable. Very beautiful, caring, and has a smile that can brighten up your day. Terrified of falling in Love
My girlfriend is such an Avi, I want her to be my wife.
by vegetariantaco August 07, 2011
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