A unisex name, more commonly a female name. She/he is smart, cool, laid back, awesome, sweet, nice, athletic, smart and just freaking awesome! Avery is preferred as a girl's name, Averys are very creative and believe they can change the world and make it a better place to live. She is also extremely artistic and usually has brownish hair and grey-blue eyes. She is pretty but doesn't relize it, she doesn't have very many friends cause they think she's nerdy and a complete weirdo. But she is always nice and keeps her cool at all times. Generally she's just an awesome person.
Person: Wow! That picture is awesome, Avery!

Avery: Thanks.

Person: You're so awesome!

Avery: Thanks! You too!
by Awesomest Person Ever!😋 February 07, 2015
The fucking shit. has a huge cock. will kick your ass at any and everything. avery is a god among men.
man i dont want to go to that party if avery isn't there.
by steph212 February 14, 2014
attractive, short, blonde, blue eyes. usuaslly very popular and has many friends! can be a female or male and has many friends
your such an avery!
by babematerial April 03, 2015
Avery is a Stunning Tall White girl who has a amazing Butt. And her Panties are held in a Males Pockets.
Did you see Avery's Butt?

Yea its a perfect bubble.
by DoughnutMaker January 22, 2014
A disloyal bitch and a horrible friend. She is self centered and only thinks of herself. She will stab you in the back and will make you apologize for things she started. starting drama is her favorite thing to do.
Wow you're being such an Avery tonight, I'm never talking to you again
by Iloveshowchoir April 09, 2015
An Avery is when your sitting in a bar and some guy runs off with your llama.
'Last night I was real hammered at the bar, and some guy just swooped in and Averyed all over me."
by 3Goatkateers February 22, 2013
Definition 1: (n): Any person who is a major asshole, douchebag, or horrible person.

Definition 2: (n): A person with an unusual or disgusting smell that tries to cover with another horrible smell, like AXE.

Definition 3:(n): A young black guy living in a fantasy world. Believing he's hard as fuck, pretends he has money, tries way to hard to be a player, and has grown up in a white community, with white parents.
Definition 1: See that guy with the muscular mishapen body? Stay away from him cause he's a total Avery.

Definition 2: "Bro! What the fuck is that stink?!"
"Dude, Don't say anything it's just Avery be straight and ignore it."
"But he's a fucking dickmunch."
"Yeah, but he's also a total bitch. Don't piss him off or he'll act stupid."

Definition 3: Girl 1: "She's fucking with Avery now?"

Girl 2: " Yeah boo. How long do you think it'll take for him to catch on?"
Girl 1:"Girl, really? It's Avery we're talking about. He's not the brightest crayon in the box."

Girl 2:" Should we tell him about the stupid game we play? It's pretty harsh if he finds out on his own."

Girl 1:"He's the fakest motha fucka around.... don't even bother."
Girl 2:"True..."
by GP Princess ;* November 10, 2012

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