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Most often a girl's name, Averie, a variant of Aubrey, comes from English and German origins; the meaning of Averie is 'elf' (leader), or 'magical' being', power.

-Averie is usually the most exquisitely beautiful girl you know, 'nearly' flawless, skilled in almost every area she chooses, or 'the best at everything'. She is the most fun to be around and talk to...every second is mesmerizing.
-"That girl is so gorgeous, she must be an 'Averie'."

-"It's so enchanting it's 'Averie'!"

haha just for you ALG!
by RAW-MARINE February 23, 2010
Averie's are normally shy people who love to get involved and be everyones friend. The normally have beautiful brown hair and maple syrup golden eyes. Averie's love to talk but they also listen to you when you need her. You would normally go over to Averie if you have a problem in life. (Or perhaps a homework question..) Most Averie's are very smart and the person who you would go to, to ask about school, or maybe to copy off her work that she did so far. Don't always though or else she might get annoyed. Averie's are beautiful and have guys falling head to heels over them. Averie's can work magic over guys in simply minutes! The name Averie means "Elf Queen". Averie's make the bestest friends ever!
Averie you are the best!
by Zersana May 12, 2011
Most often a bed sheet white, puerto rican skin color, caramel or dark chocolate boy who's most likely cute and stylish. Fresh like situation from Jersey Shore ripped with mad gear. A female magnet. When you have a party, You invite Averie cause you know he'll always find a way to make the party pop, wether it be getting beer for it and being DJ.


a guy that is athletic funny smart delicious and may or may not enjoy fried food
ie: Fresh to Death. Get all the pussy around the world. Will take your bitch in a minute nigger.

Girl 1: Hey, he's cute
Girl 2: yeah, totally
Girl 1: He's totally an Averie
Girl 1: Ditto, He's mine
Girl 2: No I saw him first

*proceed to cat fight while Averie is long gone home with 3 girls*
by akhbarboomboom May 02, 2011
the perfect party person. basically the whole package.
Wow, with all those drinks, that girl if definently a averie.
by Sarah656 August 01, 2008

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