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Similar to a Narutard, an obsessive fan of the television show Avatar: the last airbender. Characterized by behaviors such as;

1.Obsessing over non-canon relationships between fictional characters
2.Actually being upset when a character (Zuko) shows affection to someone (Jin) rather than the character that you want him to end up with (Katara)
3.Buying the individual dvds rather than the cheaper box set in order to have more avatar things.
4.Composing Fanfiction for the show.
Megan is a huge avatard. She nearly loses her mind whenever she misses an episode.
by Thatguyoverthere January 21, 2007
James Cameron fanboys who ejaculate with out physical stimulation at the mere thought of the movie Avatar (2009)
The Avatard I was talking to the other day started crying when I told him that I thought James Cameron had a silly beard.
by Shias_Prissy_Facial_Hair June 10, 2009
Some one who plays a hero in the gaming world but is a real loser in the real world.
Whats with that guy, he just stare and drools? He's just an burnt out avatard.
by benth January 15, 2010
(n) A person who is obsessed with the characters, worlds and animals of James Cameron's new science fiction film Avatar.
She has seen that movie 7 times already - she's such an Avatard!
by jbteacherman December 19, 2009
When you expect a good outcome, yet you get something bad, you're avatar'd.

Just like Cameron's movie Avatar, it looked good but as you watched it you thought how unoriginal film it is.
Ashur: Damn, that present was really nice looking, until I opened it. I mean, who wants a glassware for present?

Devalos: Man, you're avatar'd.
by WHATEVERSTOPIT! January 28, 2011
a state of highness where you feel as if you are in a parallel universe or dimension and go blue like avatar
Jack:Look at Danny Scott

Morritt: wow he's avatar'd
by jheppy October 18, 2010
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