Another word for an Australian; a person usually living in Australia or whose parent/s are Australian. There are many stereotypes for Australians, such as them drinking too much beer, being dumb and ugly, all of them being farmers, living in the outback, riding kangaroos to school/work and having pet koalas, always wearing singlets and thongs (the shoes, that is!), using slang all the time, eating wombats and kangaroo, and overall being an idiot that nobody likes. Despite what many non-Australians might think (especially Americans), THIS IS NOT TRUE. While some Aussies may use slang, some may be farmers, and most drink beer, the majority of us are just like any other Western culture, such as in America or New Zealand.

Many great celebrities are also Australians, including Delta Goodrem, Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett, Elle MacPherson, The Veronicas, Olivia Newton-John, Paul Hogan and Lleyton Hewitt.
This is a false stereotype of an Aussie -

Jacko: G'day, mate! Let's put another shrimp on the barbie, mate!

Stevo: Bloody beaut idea, mate!

This is something more true-to-life -

Tom: Hey, Kate! How are ya?

Kate: Yeah, good. Have you seen Daniel around lately, by any chance?

Tom: Nah, not for a while. Didn't he say he was going to some party or something?

Kate: Yeah, you're probably right.
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by An Aussie named Elle May 09, 2008
An 'aussie' is a seriously ugly colourful jacket by the brand 'Australian', worn in the late 90's by dutch youth to identificate themselves with the Hardcore house scene.
> "Dude, what's that jacket"
< "It's my new Aussie"
> "Sweet!"
#aussie #hardcore #jacket #uglyness #holland
by Just another Cheesehead March 12, 2008
Fisherman born and raised in Australia but has embraced the Canadian sport of icefishing as long as there is beer, fun and cards as part of the mix!
Tim is all Aussie when it come to our ice fishing trip.
#beer drinkers #fishermen #ice fishing #joking #poker
by whisperer January 27, 2009
beer drinking bbq eating animal like behaviour.
walk around in flannelette's, thongs, boardshorts and australia flags.
lebo: ShUuUu bRooO u c DeM aUsSiEs aT cRoNuLlA dA oVa DaY?

lebo2: yEe KuZz LyK dRiNkin BeEr n ShIt fUkN fAgEtZ

lebo3: bRo wAtCh DiS iMa sMaShA LyF gUaRd..
#muzza #wog #sik #lebo #bro #kuz #ule #fully #tabouleh #kebab #souvlaki #garlic #adidas #everlast
by OZI-KLR April 30, 2008
An Aussie is a bloody true blue Australian and can drink forever. Aussie's excelle in all sports, they can wear anything up to singlets flipflops and footy shorts we love pies and our sheala's. They hate Yanks!,Pomies,Sheep Shaggers{NZ}, Wogs,Lebos,Bogens and anyone else who thinks they have bigger dicks.Were good at war saveing asses and will fight till the death to protect the commonwealth. Also have mates named Sammo,Davo,Beno,Zazza and varies others.
Kato: That Beno the Aussie has a huge wanga he must have the Australian factor.
Shazza: Yeah those Australians do have big wangas.

Sammo: Oi pull up a chair and have a stubbie with me and watch the pomies get there balls handed to them.
Robbo:Fuck yeah mate pass the pies
#true blue #aussie #awsome #hate yanks #pie eaters #beer drinkers.
by Aussie69 January 28, 2008
An aussie is a person belonging to an unhealthy, unhygenic, arrogant, overweight, drunk, ugly and rodent like species. Aussie's tend to have sexual intercoarse with their siblings and this is a normal practice in their households. An overwhelming majority of the species are racist and unemployed. In turn they live off hard working persons tax payments. The majority of these hard workers are in fact lebonese. Back to the filthy creatures, Aussie. Overall, they are blatantly, socially delayed, unethical, inbred, morbid and tend to abuse illicit drugs like marijuana. They are also under the influence of alchaholic beverages the majority of the time and start drinking at 10am. The also walk around barefoot and need to invest in shoes.
Anyone who calls themself Australian is an Aussie and they usually have red knecks.
#ausie #aussie's #ozie #ozzie #australian
by 123#321 July 07, 2011
1. They most retarded race of people on the plant.
2. Baddie
3. Anyone with an IQ of 60 or lower.
4. Dislike
God, you couldn't kill a level 1. You must be an Aussie.
#aussie #baddie #noob #scrub #fag #goat shitter #penis
by Kinkersdagreat April 17, 2010
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