Aussie is the term used for people from Australia. Superior to all other races and countries, Aussies have what is known as the X factor, also known as a big dick. Often pommie poofters say bad things about Aussies because they're jealous that a colony only a few hundred years old is now home to the perfect human beings, "aussies". Wogs, chinks, poms and yanks are invading the country, soon this beautiful country will be ruined.
Aussie local: got a smoke der bra ?
tourist: nope, sorry i dont smoke
local: well u beta get a fuckin smoke for me den cunt or ill bleed ya nose

by Wesley Centrelink October 22, 2007
stubby short wearing, meat pie eating, VB drinking cock smokers who spend all day drinking beer and shouting nonsense bullshit which no other nation gives a shit about.
Dazza: Oy. Where's the tomato sauce for my meat pie bitch?
Shazza: Its next to the Torana you drongo cock smoker!
Dazza: You want another black eye you tunnel cunted mole!

Aussie, aussie, aussie.... go get fucked!
by Little Indian December 30, 2007
Someone who lives in a relatively small continent(?) which and has a problem with New Zealand being better at rugby. Not bad people. Just has similar international rivalry problems as every other country.
New zealander: Hey The all blacks wasted the wallabies last night.
Aussie: Umm... i didn't personally see...
New Zealander: Ok relax, we waste at rugby, you waste at cricket.
by MARCEL S May 09, 2007
A person, usually male, who is great at performing oral sex on a female partner.
Friend 1: John sure is hot, but I wonder if he's good in Austrailia?
Friend 2: He's a wonder down under. I'd say he's god-damn Austrailian!
Friend 1: I love me an Aussie.
by The Ankoress December 09, 2005
An alcoholic drink derived from the University of Toledo. While exact measurements are not known, ingredients are as follows:
Lime Juice (Lemon juice may be used as a substitute)
Fruit Punch (Generic Kroger brand is the best)

Even if I did tell you the exact measurements, I'm sure you'd forget them after the 1st drink.
Jarrett tossed me a water-bottle of what I thought was fruit punch, but it turned out to be an Aussie!
by Retzy October 02, 2005
a bogan, sometimes refered as a w**ka by most people. usualy found in singlet with smelly feet. Many have had bad experience loosing fights with wogs, such as lebanese
people shout out 'oi aussie'
by richothelebo May 17, 2007
aussie is a non-kiwi. Live on alcohol and koalas. Ancestors were convicts. Suck at rugby. Have horrid nasal accents that get them in crap in France. Generally suck.

Emigrate over to NZ because we're obviously better.
Oi, Aussie!

Aussie, you suck!

Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi OI
by Bonniekins August 17, 2006
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