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Aura sniping is when in a first person shooter you are sniping, hit the area around your target, obviously missing, (seriously it would be impossible to mistake your missing the target for hitting it) and still manage to kill your victim. The mark of an expert aura sniper is when you pull off a head shot when you obviously hit the area around your targets foot without actually touching your victim. No one ever starts a game intending to aura snipe, it is always done accidentaly. Aura sniping while hacking the game is not aura sniping, it is cheating.
Guy 1: Dude you suck at this game.

Guy 2: I do not...LOOK I just sniped that guy!

Guy 1: You aura sniped him

Guy 2: I what sniped him?

Guy 1: Aura sniping is when you kill your target without actually hitting him. It was luck, it takes absolutley no skill.
by SMSchoirboy October 24, 2011
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