Without a doubt The Crunkest City, the Most Chill City, the Most Awesome City, my home, I love it and everyone in it and everything about it. No other definitions even come close to the true definition of the A, a place like no other and anyone who has ever lived there knows exactly what i'm talking about. Smoke One!
-"Man, I just got back from Atlanta and I've been coughing ever since!"

-"Yeah, I heard they had a lot of smog in Atlanta."

-"Well whatever you want to call it, I've never smoked so much weed in my life!"

#a-town #the a #atl #hotlanta #and the home of crunk #outkast #delta #coke #and the big chicken
by rachel herman November 07, 2005
A city in which all residents have ruined their credit history and rent cars in great numbers.
"Do y'all take the check cashin' cawd for rentals at duh Atlanta College Park location?"
by Angry Man October 21, 2003
heres yo histry facts
rap capital. ghetto as fuck. 2 million population. 2 white people. douglascounty is where erryone stays. we so fuckin ghetto.. we got worst in state. all the white kids had to migrate to homeschoolin. niggas took ova. if your white and you go for a job interview.. you get the job cause they the minority. dont ever drive through college park without a gun. we shoot people for fun. if you get in a fight, you gon get somethin ripped off. we dont leave nowhere without a fight. we dont actually have education, we just have teachers that talk. if walmart aint got it, you dont need it. we dont live off welfare; we buy crack with welfare. i know someone with a methlab as theyre kitchen.
Nigga1: You ghetto as fuck. Where you from?
Nigga2: Atlanta bitch.
Nigga1: No wonda mane.
#atlanta #ghetto #douglascounty #young jeezy #lil jon
by amyy&phoebe January 26, 2007
Home of the braves, home of hicky people, hot asses, and hot ass temperatures in the summer.
located in the state of georgia. traffic is always heavy..
"yo, lets head downtown atlanta n' pick us up some ho's"
"i work in atlanta, its hot as shit"
by jessica October 27, 2002
Wonderful fucking city if you like to breathe in smog, see nothing but haze even on a clear day, and sit in traffic on an 8 lane highway.
We should excommunicate a-town from the dirty dirty because it is not up to code on crunkness. I nominate Chattanooga, TN to be the new HQ of krunk.
by staff May 03, 2005
a three "sided" city. uptown, midtown, and downtown. uptown = business, midtown = GHETTO, downtown = the fox. underground atlanta may be a popular tourist attraction but you will get shot once you go there after dark. home of rap and crunk, usher took voice lessons here. it's high class, even fo' the rappers. just don't go to college park. there are some gems, but, there's a lot of bad shit goin' down at any time of the day. the kids are preppy but act like they're black and gangsta, or they're just flat out emo. the guys wear girls pants, and most of them aren't rich. oh, and there's a lot of hispanics too. pretty diverse.
"Oh my gosh! You've been shot!"
"Yep, never shouldda gone to College Park."
by bamzoomtothemoon June 28, 2005
the suburbs
I live in a McMansion in Atlanta
by erwer September 07, 2003
A crappy city in the state of Georgia.....the ONLY people that love to pay homage to Atlanta being "The Weather Channel, CNN, as well as all these dumb rappers!
Can I go for five minutes without hearing a reference to Atlanta on The Weather Channel, CNN, or any of the rap crap on MTV?? I don't think so.
by Piranha November 03, 2004
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