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A beautiful, underrated city that can compare to the likes of New York and Chicago.

People: Every race known to man lives in Atlanta, but it is unintentionally segregated, because everyone pretty much fits their stereotype: The whites are snooty rich or white trash, the blacks are ghetto, the Hispanics are illegal,the Indians own gas station mini marts, and the Asians are split up by nationality:
Korean-Dry Cleaners
Vietnamese-Nail Salon
Cambodian-Hair Salon
Chinese or Japanese-Corresponding Restaraunt
Not to mention the gays are numerous and VERY apparent.

Transportation: Atlanta Rush Hour lasts from 5:00 A.M. Monday 'til 11:00 P.M. Friday. The mass transit in the city is absolutely useless(MARTA actually stands for Moving Afros Rapidly Through Atlanta rather than Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority). 8 lanes of highway become engulfed with stopped vehicles. Every Atlantan gives directions in reference to the Big Chicken( A KFC in a 100ft chicken building with rotating eyes and moving beak) or referring to one of the 16 streets named Peachtree(Peachtree Street, Peachtree Road, Peachtree Industrial Boulevard, Peachtree Battle, etc.) They also have a road simply named Boulevard.

Food and Entertainment: The Varsity remains the staple food of Atlanta, along with a variety of fancy restaurants. You can either go to Six Flags( and get mugged), Whitewater (and get E.Coli), Stone Mountain( and die from heat stroke), or some random park on the side of the road. You can also see a play at the Fabulous Fox Theater( but no one does).

Climate: The weather changes in Atlanta faster and more drastically than a pregnant woman changes mood. It will be 75 degrees on Christmas than you will get stuck in the house in an Ice storm on the last week of March. The city will go through a drought one year than flood the next. Atlantans are smart because they stay inside in the Summer otherwise die from heat stroke hiking up Stone Mountain(did I mention that already?).
-"How do you get downtown Atlanta?"
"Go down Peachtree"
-"How do you get to Atlanta?"
"Pass the Big Chicken and follow the signs you dummy."
by SouthernDoughnut March 31, 2009

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