okay. well atheism actually makes sense if you think about it. there's no freaking god or any force controlling your life. face it. you screw up. that's your problem. but instead.. our society likes to turn all their problems into some little imginary friend's problems in which we like to call "god." get out of your stupid state of denial. if he's there or another force is or whatever where the hell is it? up your ass? yeah that's what i thought. guess what... go take a reality check, it's the most impracticable thing ever.

oh and just for the record.. atheism isn't connected with satanism. at all. you're just too dumb to know that. atheists aren't evil. just because they don't follow the ridiculousness and ignorance of "god" and the propagandistic antics of the bible doesn't mean that they're bad people. so go to hell. you sinning hypocrites. get over yourselves.
Person1: What happens if i don't do everything god tells me to?
Person1: Isn't that dictatorship?
Person2: OF COURSE NOT!!
Person1: How is it not dictatorship?
Person2: Because he's god.. duhhh
Person1: Righttt... Hitler much?
Person1: Stop being so asinine, just go have butt sex with him or something.. god.
by UpYoursSociety! February 21, 2006
The difference between satanism and atheism: Satanism is a religion, Atheism is the lack of religion. It shocks me how so many people on here have mistaken the two. And just because someone is atheist doesn't mean they are so because they believe in science alone.
I am atheist because there are things in the Bible that I don't agree with, such as its take on homosexuality. I also want to be able to read whatever I want, including stuff that may have so-called "witchcraft" in it.

by Wail Halls September 11, 2006
Rejection of the belief in dieties. Does not assert that there are no dieties and thus does not carry the burden of proof.
Theist: Atheists need proof, so they have to prove that god doesn't exist.

Atheist: Atheism doesn't involve making a claim, I don't have to prove anything.
by deadmoron July 24, 2010
Atheism is not exactly a religion. It is not synonymous with satanism at all, in fact, atheists reject him as well. Atheists can be crazed and apprehensive a la christian fanatics, but nowhere did I say every atheist can be like that. It's common for them to follow science because it seems more logical to them. The inverse applies to some christians as well. Last, but most important, most atheists ARE NOT EVIL.
Atheist: I'm an atheist.

Crazed Christian: You horrible, horrible scum! You and your demonic kind are killing millions with your atheism lies!

Okay Christian: Calm down. He never hurt anybody. You did. Remember last year at that atheist support festival?

Crazed Christian: (fleeing) You'll all burn forever! Gagh!
by M.M.R January 11, 2008
The belief that a god or more than one god does not exist. Atheists believe in facts that are proven to be true and tend to lean toward science for answers. They believe things happen in the absolute literal sense and not in the spiritual sense.
Person 1: Why did bad things happen to good people?

Person 2: Bad things happen to everybody good and bad people. Even though it may seem like good people have worse luck bad people have just as bad. Which is why I believe in atheism

Person 3: I am Catholic so I believe the lord Jesus Christ is our savior and there is Heaven and Hell

Person 4: I don't believe in god but I accept your religion and will not make fun.

Person 3: Thank you and I accept your belief even though ignorant people of my religion may not accept your belief
by unbiasguy August 19, 2010
Absence of belief in god(s).
Atheism is absence of belief in god(s). It is not necessarily belief that no god(s) exist. Just as asexual is absence of sex in reproduction, not opposition to sex or asymmetrical is absence of symmetry, not opposition to symmetry. Atheism is simple absence of theism.

Frequently people confuse the theism vs atheism question with the gnostic vs agnostic question. The word gnostic means pertaining to knowledge. It is a question about whether a person is certain or "knows".

Everybody is either theist or atheist and everybody is either gnostic or agnostic. There are agnostic theists. They believe god(s) exist, but don't claim to know for sure personally. There are gnostic theists. They believe and claim to know for sure that god(s) exist. There are agnostic atheists. They do not believe in god(s), but do not claim to know with certainty that no god exists. There are also gnostic atheists who claim to know that no god exists. It possible and quite common among atheists to not have been convinced of the hypothesis that god(s) exist without taking the position that no god exists.
by AllmanBros August 30, 2015
Atheism is a non-prophet organization.
Atheism never gains any prophets.
by Nistt February 14, 2011

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