There are two kinds of atheism: strong (positive) atheism and weak (negative) atheism. The difference between these two is basically that a weak atheist doesn't believe in God, while a strong atheist believes in no God.

Weak atheism is essentially the same as agnosticism]. It states that since we have no proof of a God, we cannot know for sure that one exists. Strong atheism states that since we live in a scientific world where the existence of things is determined solely by their observability, we cannot assume anything unobservable to exist. God isn’t observable, therefore he doesn’t exist (cf. Occam’s Razor). This doesn't mean that an atheist wouldn't WANT to believe in God, it merely means that he has no REASON to believe in it/him.

Strong atheists often question the special treatment weak atheists – and theists – give to religion. If they believe that the tooth fairy or Santa Claus do not exist, why are they willing to give God a benefit of the doubt?

Strong atheism is often equated with religion since it takes a strong stance on the issue. This is, however, fallacious. Religion is not based on rationality, and strong atheists value rationality over fantasy. Therefore atheism is not parallel with religion.
I do not follow atheism. I merely concur with it.
by Servant Of Progress October 21, 2004
Atheism is a belief system embraced by those who reject the moral teachings of Catholicism, especially those teachings against abortion and homosexuality.

Those who embrace atheisim often claim to do so because they think it is rational and scientific. Unfortunately most vocal atheists show a high level of irrational thought combined with a lack of factual knowledge.

Gay pop star Elton John:
"Religion should be outlawed because it lacks compassion and promotes hatred of homosexuals."

Okay Elton, have you got any proof that religious people on average have less compassion than atheists, or that they generally promote hatred of homosexual people? I guess not.

Gee Elton what a great argument for atheism! LOL.
by Watch too much EWTN February 29, 2008
1)The lack of belief in a god and/or higher beings.

2)A belief in theories that have only made sense on paper but have not ever been proven concretely as to determine how the Universe was made and how life on this earth came to be.

3)An extreme state of narrow-mindedness and pessimism in which one is sure that there can be no god because one's "logic" tells them that they cannot believe what they have not seen and therefore must believe that theories that were never physically proven hold the answer to our existance and that even when the real answer is right in front of our faces telling us that there could have been no other way but god one must deny that which makes at least some sense and dive into this state of maximum stupidity where one denies anything one did not see based on that and not an actual dose of logic.
1)I don't believe in god, therefore I must be atheist.

2)I fail to use common sense and see only through the eyes of a theory that was never and will never be proven, thus I must be atheist.
3)I think that the Universe was created by accident and I base this on thousands of theories which contradict each other and fail to offer concrete evidence of there being no god, therefore I must be atheist.
4)Atheism = Lack Common Sense
by Invert The Inverted Cross January 03, 2008
A strange Phenomena where one who dosent believe in God/a God (usually in reference to Christians version of one it seems) But Cares about it as much, if not more, than those who do believe.
Never have i seen people speak more about something they dont believe in.
"I Dont believe in god , there is no god , god god blah it's all bullshit , but boy do i go on about it so much"

If you people really dont believe in God, why do you care so much as to fill up these pages talking about it?

Atheism... The Act of Ardent Disbelief...what a joke.
by Long Live Khan August 23, 2006
The lack of a belief in the existence of a god or gods. This usually also means a lack in a belief in an afterlife, the soul, the supernatural, or any sort of ultimate reality outside of the physical one.

For the atheist, reality is limited to reductionist empiricism, morals are usually relative or determined by the rules of conduct that make civilization possible, life is it's own purpose, and the truth or falsity of religious beliefs is apparently subject to evidence (though there are no specifications as to what these are).
Athesim is not, despite many claims here, the default belief of all life or humanity at birth. To say that babies and animals are atheists is silly simply because we cannot ask them, and some indeed even argue that they are aware of the presence of "god" within them. Also, the fact that nearly every culture around the globe has, in some form or another, developed some mode of religious belief goes to show that religion is a much deeper part of the human experience than this particualr brand of atheism will admit.
by Killing Kittens December 02, 2004
People who cannot take a leap of faith and only believe what they can see with their sense of sight. Atheists consider themselves "intellekshuals" and have very narrow-minded, obnoxious and self-righteous morals and views on belief. They are prone to making rude and smarmy comments on almost anything that can be brought into a discussion, and their blood pressure flares to unhealthy heights during debates involving pretty much anything.

Tend to bite their nails and fidget when asked difficult questions concerning life. Find comfort in the fact their view is considered "cool" and "intelligent". Most atheists are well-off and live comfortable lives in the suburbs, and constantly have a bile-inducing "I'm cleverer than you" look on their face.

Will ALWAYS mysteriously switch to a "devoted Christian" lifestyle as soon as they turn 70. "OH MY GOD, you mean I'M going to die TOO?! What do you mean, atheist? I love Jesus!!"
Atheism, and atheists, should have respect towards other people.
by OiOiBoy July 02, 2006
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