Oh, jeez. What is it with you people?

Atheism (the REAL definition) - A belief centered around a person not believing in a God or "blind faith". That's it. This doesn't mean they are immoral, pessimistic, evil, Christ-haters, Christian-haters, gamblers, racist, slutty, Bible-destroyers, demons, ignorant or whatever.

Just because they have different beliefs than some doesn't make them wrong OR right. Nobody in this world is wrong OR right about their religion or lack thereof, because there is no proof for ANY of it. People believe what they believe, end of story.

Now, SOME atheists may be evil and argumentative as fuck, but that doesn't mean they all are. And it doesn't mean that some don't like the IDEA of an afterlife, they just can't comprehend that there would be one. This is just how their brain works. To those who believe, God created us all, right? He created those who would follow a religion that's been around since people believed the sun rotated around the earth, and he created those who wouldn't believe in such an idea.

Also, atheists ARE real, and their belief isn't necessarily a phase, or coming from angsty teenagers. The most optimistic, intelligent and helpful adult I know happens to be an atheist.

I just think you Bible-thumpers are being silly and childish. If people want to believe in God, or don't want to believe in God, it's really nobody else's buisiness.

Rant over.
Atheist one: I love life! I may have to die someday and afterlife seems unlikely to me, but I have come to terms with that and I'm determined to enjoy the time I have left.

Atheist two: I hate Christians, grr. They are incorrect and I will get constipated if I don't correct every theist I see. I burn Bibles in my front lawn and I point and laugh at nuns.

Atheist three: I'm just an average Joe. I don't care if you believe in atheism or theism, I'm just living my life.
by Kayla1980 September 19, 2006
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Atheism is simply the opposite of theism. The prefix A means "without" or "not", so Atheism is simply a lack of belief in god(s). It is not a religion, just like theism is not a religion. Atheists are usually quite fond of life, since it is the only one we have.Theists if you think about it, need a god to make their existance make sense and to make them respect life.
That dog is an atheist. A new-born baby is an atheist. Most of the smartest people in the world are atheists. Coincidence?
by Nycto Achluo March 21, 2004
Atheism, in fact, has NOTHING to do with Satanism. We do not all hate Christians. We're not all evil.

Besides, just by being intolerant and judgemental of Atheists, you are sinning. :)
" 'To be godless is probably the first step towards innocence,' he said, 'to lose the sense of sin and subordination, the false grief for things supposed to be lost.'
'So by innocence you mean not an absense of experience, but an absense of illusions.'
'An absense of need for illusions,' he said. 'A love of and respect for what is right before your eyes.' "
-Anne Rice, The Vampire Lestat.
by KP15 August 23, 2005
There are two kinds of atheism: strong (positive) atheism and weak (negative) atheism. The difference between these two is basically that a weak atheist doesn't believe in God, while a strong atheist believes in no God.

Weak atheism is essentially the same as agnosticism]. It states that since we have no proof of a God, we cannot know for sure that one exists. Strong atheism states that since we live in a scientific world where the existence of things is determined solely by their observability, we cannot assume anything unobservable to exist. God isn’t observable, therefore he doesn’t exist (cf. Occam’s Razor). This doesn't mean that an atheist wouldn't WANT to believe in God, it merely means that he has no REASON to believe in it/him.

Strong atheists often question the special treatment weak atheists – and theists – give to religion. If they believe that the tooth fairy or Santa Claus do not exist, why are they willing to give God a benefit of the doubt?

Strong atheism is often equated with religion since it takes a strong stance on the issue. This is, however, fallacious. Religion is not based on rationality, and strong atheists value rationality over fantasy. Therefore atheism is not parallel with religion.
I do not follow atheism. I merely concur with it.
by Servant Of Progress October 21, 2004
- Free on Sunday!
- Get to focus on the now.
- No guilt!
- Can claim full responsibility for life's achievments.
- No afterlife. :(
- Must take responsibility for life's failures. Dang!
Dang, it was a tough choice. I mean, I like the idea of the afterlife. But I really wanted to free up my Sunday's, so I chose atheism. And, the best part is, I still get presents on Christmas! Yeah, beeyatch, atheism is the shiznit!
by AtheismIsFreedom April 22, 2005
A lack of beleif in God.
"I am an atheist because I do not beleive any gods exist. That's all that makes me an atheist."
by chrono khan June 12, 2003
The lack of belief in a deity or deities. Just that. Nothing else.

Atheism doesn't hold any answers to life's big questions. It won't tell you the meaning of life and it won't tell you how it all started. It's not a religion, not a philosophy, not a way of life. Atheism is quite simply *non-belief*.
#1: "I heard you're an atheist and don't believe in God, #2. If that's true then how did the universe begin?"
#2: "I don't know for sure. The leading scientific theory right now is the Big Bang theory, but that has a few problems and might not be correct."
#1: "If there's no God then where do we know right from wrong from?"
#2: "Again, I don't know for sure, but the general theory is that we evolved this feature because social creatures do better if unit cohesion isn't hindered by constant murdering."

Atheism isn't about answers. It's not really about anything, actually.
by mrbogart December 26, 2010
Common sense. Some one who doesnt believe in magic or propaganda, is backed up by science and logic, and figures that god doesnt do have the shit he tells us to do.
God: "You! Go save lives and bring justice to the world"

(God starts holocaust)
by Tony ramone June 19, 2005
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