the arrogant belief that the entire universe was not created for our benefit
Calling atheism a religion is like calling bald a hair color
by A. Chris Tian June 26, 2011
1) Non-theism, NOT anti-theism.

2) Not believing in a god, and often, the divine and supernatural in general.

Atheism's followers are called "Atheists"; many ignorant rednecks, however, mistake them for anti-chrisians, satanists, et cetera. Many atheists be that way secretly, to avoid persecution, they are called "closet atheists".

Atheism is bases upon the fact that there is absolutely no solid evidence to show that gods exist. Primitave humans invented gods to explain things they were not advanced enough to explain themselves. Once civiliation was secured, philosophy and science could really start. Parent-to-child indocterination, mostly, has kept religion alive this far.

A word for the western world... They say that atheists single-out chrisitans, never bothering jews, muslums, hindus, etc. Sometimes, that's true in countries where christians are the majority. And when that's the case, they tend to make life hard for minorities. In America, most persecution against atheists comes from christians; so, contempt for christians is developed.

Foolish persons blame the death of over 100 million on the atheism of Stalin and Mao. To assume anyone would base EVERY action on their religion, or lack of one, is uterly irrational. Stalin was paranoid, he killed anyone he had the slightest bad feeling about. His perscution of the orthodox church was not for the sake of atheism, but punishment for supporting the czars. He spared muslums not because of hate for just jews, christians, and such; he was building relationships with middle-eastern countries. Mao killed mostly to conquer the Chinese government and to secure communism's power. Oh, and the holocaust? That was borderline judeophibic anti-semitism, not atheism.

To counter the preveous, think... the crusades, think of witch hunts, of 9/11, gay-bashing, violent jihad, the KKK, the Westboro Baptis Church, the inquisition, jewish segregation, to name a few...

They say atheists have no morals, ethics, values... nothing holding them back. Simply put, that's bullshit. They're no less moral than theists. And truely, you must question the sanity of someone who behaves himself ONLY out of fear of eternal torment.

Roughly 75% of Americans are christians, and at least 10% are atheists.

Now, let's check American prisons...

Roughly 80% of inmates are christians, and less than 0.5% are atheists.
Christian: You're going to hell, atheist!
Atheist: Heh, alright... how about you wait for me to die, come find me in hell, record it on camera, and come back in time to show me some evidece... then, maybe, I'll take you seriously.

It's confusing, how a christian can ridicule atheism, and just feel soooooo sure that there is a god. No egyptian god, norse god, gaillic god, jewish god, greek god, roman god, zoronastrian god, islamic god, or any other god but his specific idea of his ONE, christian god could ever be real, oooh no...

Even IF there are gods, how the fuck could he KNOW he's wasting his life over a real god, or the right god, or if he's actually worshiping him/her/it properly. How does he KNOW this god has some sort of eternal punishment or reward. Has he MET Jesus or Satan!? Has he BEEN to heaven or hell!?

...didn't think so...
by Horrigan July 31, 2006
A non-prophet organisation
I can't believe Atheism doesn't make any prophets off of us.
by Archolas April 26, 2011
Anti-religious philosophy that can be divided into two primary factions:

1. Healthy Atheists. These people simply don't follow any particular religious faith and generally don't concern themselves with attempting to prove to the religious that nonbelief is the way to go.

2. Militant Atheists. These are the guys that take Atheism and turn it into a zealous religion that is focused almost entirely on defaming, badmouthing, and attempting to disprove most or all religious faiths, although in many cases the individual Militant Atheist will focus only on one particular religion to direct their stream of hate at. They appear to be roughly as populous as fundamentalist Christians are on the Internet, and it appears that these two groups imagine themselves to be in mortal combat with one another, judging by some of the crap found on their sites.
Many Atheists don't appear to disbelieve in God so much as they appear to wish agonizing death upon Him and His followers.
by JG22 June 02, 2005
Thinking for oneself, exercising common sense; being brave enough to follow one's heart without fear of the "power" of a "higher being".
There is a common belief that atheism is evil; this is a big mistake. Atheists don't believe there is a god, therefore they don't believe in the devil; so, atheists cannot be satanic because they don't recognize satan as a god counterpart. These intelligent people, usually highly educated, may be among the most spiritual, self sufficient, and grouded people in the world.
by garci_a January 11, 2006
A person who has accepted the fact that there is no god(s).
"I used to be blinding by religion, but now I'm an atheist."
by Pyrus October 21, 2003
The idea that there is no god. There as two kinds of Atheism. One kind are weak atheists, sometimes called Agnostics. The other kind are strong atheists.

Agnostics thinks that because there has never been any proof of god, it is a possiblity that there may be no god. Angostics do not deny god, but rather believe that there can be no proof of god.

Strong atheists believe that there is no god. A strong atheist may argue that no god exists because science points to other starts of life.

Atheism is taken up by many intelleuctial figures such as Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Abraham Lincoln, Douglas Adams, Bill Gates, and pretty much anyone with a brain.

Atheism in it's essence, is asking the question "why."
"The divinity of Jesus is made a convenient cover for absurdity."
-John Adams

Christian: "The Bible was written by god."
Atheist:"If the bible was written by god, show me where he is."
Christan: "God isn't on earth, he lives in heaven."
Atheist: "Show me where heaven is."
Christan: "..."

Atheism rocks!
by Qjaso October 21, 2005
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