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All the best! Used a lot on forums especially by older people.
Well i'd use a 3.62 differential on a car of that engine spec and tyre size. Hope this helps. Atb!
by teh_benzine November 19, 2007
Alias for DJ Andre Tanneberger.
ATB plays his own unique style of Trance.
by Bobby De Niro December 16, 2004
All the bitches
my friend daniel is a pimp. He gets atb.
by dubsack420 April 12, 2010
ATB is an acronym for "All The Boys"

It is also spelt "All the Boiz" It is usually a close group of friends, mainly four guys. Who are good friends and hang out together! When they hang out they usually talk about, sex, drugs, girls, parties.

An ATB style group usually shares resemblance to the British tv show "The Inbetweeners" (A group of four teenage boys in high school)
Guy 1:Hey dude, what you up to this weekend?

Guy 2:Oh, not much just hanging out with ATB!

Guy 1:Sounds good man, what are you gonna do

Guy 2:Not much, just chill and kick it Inbetweeners style
by LilWayne is a terrible rapper! October 14, 2011
A.T.B. stands for Anal Tongue Bath. Its the art of licking your partners arsehole for sexual stimulation or to clean their brown balloon knot. It is not the most plesant activity and can lead to bad breath depending on the diet of the partner
Man. "Oi honey, im up for a good ride tonight"

Woman. "No problem, you can get me going by giving me an A.T.B."

Man. "Fuck you, we had an indian take away last night, your ring will be nasty"

Woman. "Fine, have a wank instead!"
by Spankydez April 26, 2011
authentic tribal beat
dude, that burn one down by ben harper has the best ATB!
by tribaltuesday June 15, 2011
Stands for, "Aint that a bitch" used by Katt Williams
mostly used
Katt-Aint that a bitch...poor lil tink tink

Dude- damn...poor lil tink tink

Jimmy- Bro my car got jacked....

Matt- ATB
by Beachboy21 October 12, 2009

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