A ‘roidhead who is stupid enough to think he needs fake muscles to be good at sports.
That kid was such an asterisk I don’t even think he knew what he was doing to himself.
by allstarQB September 05, 2008
A symbol used to signify action when talking on IMs.
The asterisk is the * symbol.

Guy one: *cough* loser. What were you thinking? *bitch slaps*

Guy two: I don't know. Anyone could have made that mistake.
by Gibberling February 15, 2006
A small star-shaped symbol used to denote an explanation of the word/phrase that it succeeds.

* <~~~~~~That's an asterisk.
Will: I need to shave*.

*Will is seven years old.
by Diggity Monkeez March 03, 2005
asterisk is open source PBX software designed for the Linux operating system.

asterisk eliminates the need of buying hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of dedicated PBX hardware.

Aside from Linux, asterisk also runs on various other operating systems, including: BSD, OS X, and now the Windows operating system using "AstWind" package.
Admin: We need a PBX for our organization, but we're kinda low on cash to buy expensive PBX hardware...

Assistant: No problem! Use asterisk, the open source Linux PBX.

Admin: I feel so stupid...
by Qbert February 02, 2005
The word, as used here, apparently refers to the anus.
The term "asterisk" appears in the book "I'm no Saint" by Hayt, Elizabeth, in describing analingus during one of her heterosexual liaisons.
by Michael S. Goodman December 27, 2005
slang for the posterior of the human body, specifically the anus.

Synonym: ass

IM/Chat shorthand: *

Origin: the Strict Tits Internet Gang
(1) Don't make me jump through this computer and slash your asterisk.

(2) OMG u ppl are such *holes
by Biscuit Shitclank February 14, 2005
A small star-shaped symbol used to denote an explanation of the word/phrase that precedes it.

* <~~~~~~That's an asterisk.
Owen: This is our most embarrassing defeat since the UFTA Upset of '79*.

*Owen is just making up the UFTA Upset of '79.
by Diggity Monkeez March 03, 2005

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