doing some-thing ass like
theese two assies over here got into a sword fight with ted holup

see sword fight for additional information
by mike hunt February 21, 2005
Top Definition
1. ass-like, smelly
2. sick, ill
3. terrible
1. What is that assy aroma?
2. I was feeling assy, so I went home sick.
3. My car broke down, my girlfriend dumped me, and my rental car wouldn't start. Overall it's been an assy day.
by Mike Reynolds June 02, 2004
complete piece of equipment, machinery etc. with all parts included
carburator assy
by WordWizard April 01, 2003
having an ass-like or crappy quality; lameness
How about you're 19, stop being assy and sleep by yourself.

Are you kidding me? They're going to start counting pluses on a 4 point grading scale? That is super assy.

Wow, Alexander was an assy movie.

Fred Phelps is the assiest person that I've ever heard of.
by stuckupspandexbitch February 02, 2008
the state of being an ass; eg. moody, quiet, sickening, annoying, butthole, mean, jerk.
Quit being assy!
Darryl likes to be assy when he talks to me on the phone late at night.
by R-Bradizzle November 23, 2006
lucky; obscenely lucky

(NYC area: used as long ago as the 50s in Brooklyn pool halls to describe very lucky shots; was still being used in Jersey City in the early to mid 90s to mean lucky)
That touchdown catch was assy.
He only beat me because he got assy.
by dertycity November 22, 2005
when someones ass is in the state of hyphe or crazy movement
ex: the girl was jumping around and all the guys around her said..."damn that girl is assy".
by TANGO1 July 08, 2006
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