Top Definition
really bad sandwich that tastes like ass
i ate this really bad asswich the other day! it was horrible.
by dereckbester March 04, 2011
when someone's ass is in your face
I was on this crowded subway and this fat guy gave me an asswich
by stacysox October 20, 2009
1.) A sandwich of ass. (noun)

2.) A stupid, often incompetent individual with little regard for anyone besides him or herself. (noun)

3.) Pertaining to or in the context of being a tool. (adjective)
1.) "I asked for a meatball hero, but the guy pulled his pants down and slapped some bread on his ass and gave me an asswich!"

2.) "You're so fucking stupid, Chelsea. You're an asswich."

3.) "That's asswichy of you. Go die."
by TerriAnne June 14, 2009
Totally lame, beneath redemption.
Man, waiting in this line is asswich!

The dress she wore to the party was asswich!
by FluffyKnitterDeb June 07, 2005
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