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When a woman advertises that she wants sex by moving her ass in erotic ways.
I totally wanna nail that chick, she been assvertising all night...
by TheJudd August 21, 2010
Words or advertising logos placed on the asses of female clothing.
Check out the ASSVERTISING on that ass! School names, team names, phrases, city names, etc. usually written in large letters. i.e. CHEER, PINK, SWIM, ORLANDO
by Page Wagner September 20, 2007
Those ugly-as-sin pants that have words written across the ass-cheeks. When watching a woman assvertising while she walks, you get this effect: "hillCREST" (step) "HILLcrest" depending on which ass-cheek is up. Severely not sexy.
Look, Tanya's decided to assvertise today!

"Should I buy these pants?" "Ew, no, those are assvertising pants."
by Nikaia February 03, 2006
The wearing of advertising or words across one's ass....assvertising!
What's that written across your ass, oh I see it's assvertising! Commonly seen on sweat pants and shorts, usually on females.
by deep creek local April 17, 2013
When someone texts a picture of themself naked to somebody else. Usually ends up being retexted to another person.
I just got a text from Chandler. She's assvertising again.
by yurglemeyer April 20, 2011
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