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2 definitions by mr.benzedrine

when the pictures of any person on any social website make that person appear extremely sexy, but they are significantly less attractive in person.
guy:"damn, this girl is sexy! look at that ass! i gotta meet this chick"

two days later...

guy: "damn, that girl was sooooo not as attractive in person. she had like, NO ASS. She was false assvertising with her pics.
by mr.benzedrine March 27, 2009
22 1
any person or persons such as a parent, grandparent, religious group, etc. that prevents one from listening to or participating in rock music in any of its forms.
Dude: That song on the radio is pretty good. Who sings it?

Lame: That song is by Alice in Chains. Don't they worship Satan? Why don't you listen to some gospel music?
turns off radio

Dude:What a rock blocker...
by mr.benzedrine July 03, 2009
24 12