1. An insult used by John Ly to verbally inflict pain in others. A combination of the words ass and retard.
That Albert Fall, he's one asstard
by John Ly October 22, 2003
An asshole who says or does something so stupid that you believe them to also be retarded.
"Joe said that the holocaust is just a lie made up by the Jewish controlled media and entertainment industry"
"What an asstard."
by Josh Bishop November 17, 2007
Half retard, half dickass. A right plonker.
by Lepper March 20, 2003
this is another name for someone who could be describes as an ass or a retard! so it is basically a describing word for a stupid idiotic nutcase! (used as insult) =D
"Ollie your such an asstard" or "hey asstard wat you up to?!"
by NellyEllie October 28, 2010
Not quite an asshole, retard, or a bastard but, a asstard!
That guy is a big asstard.
by Robspace August 16, 2010
you are mean and retarded at the same time. congratulations, if somebody called you this.
"you are an asstard for giving me a breakup note and staying to watch me read it."
by im not an asstard November 11, 2009
Someone stupid, or shows great stupidity with anything they do or say.
"You're a stupid-head!"

"Wtf? Freaking asstard.. Suck my cock"
by Asstard March 16, 2009

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