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An asshole who says or does something so stupid that you believe them to also be retarded.
"Joe said that the holocaust is just a lie made up by the Jewish controlled media and entertainment industry"
"What an asstard."
by Josh Bishop November 17, 2007
15 19
Half retard, half dickass. A right plonker.
by Lepper March 20, 2003
16 20
this is another name for someone who could be describes as an ass or a retard! so it is basically a describing word for a stupid idiotic nutcase! (used as insult) =D
"Ollie your such an asstard" or "hey asstard wat you up to?!"
by NellyEllie October 28, 2010
1 6
Not quite an asshole, retard, or a bastard but, a asstard!
That guy is a big asstard.
by Robspace August 16, 2010
5 10
you are mean and retarded at the same time. congratulations, if somebody called you this.
"you are an asstard for giving me a breakup note and staying to watch me read it."
by im not an asstard November 11, 2009
1 6
Someone stupid, or shows great stupidity with anything they do or say.
"You're a stupid-head!"

"Wtf? Freaking asstard.. Suck my cock"
by Asstard March 16, 2009
2 7
A jerk (asshole) that is stupid or retarded
what an asstard!; Hi's/she's a supid asstard!
by Cornucopia of Ass May 13, 2006
6 11