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A pompous blow-hard with little or no redeeming social value much like a terd which hangs from the anus and requires you to make it "dance like a puppet" to get it to fall into the toilet.
Steven is a total asspuppet.
by David December 09, 2003
someone who acts as a puppet for someone else, as in they have a hand up one's ass controlling one's mouth

see also butt puppet

also used as a general name for any ass puppet. may be hyphenated (ass-puppet)
Keagy's hand was so far up ass-puppet his ring's make you think Dickskin had gold teeth
by n6ko January 20, 2003
turd that hangs from you shitter by a couple of threads of spent food.
Honey grab me the scissors, I need to cut this dangling ass puppet.
by LocalHero June 02, 2005
one who acts, or is forced to act, as a tool to do an ass clown's bidding
Jason finally tired of being Matthew's ass puppet.
by Jackscolon September 16, 2003
Someone who doesnt have enough personality to be considered human, but a as an asspuppet
Big Daddy and Spoofyoris are ass puuppets!
by ketchup2k3 September 16, 2004
Ass puppet

(One who is not at all real)

Someone who trys to subtlety convince other or perspective friends what the subjecyt is about and why they should avoid or not get involved

Someone(s) that are considered in decisions and count for uses (ghosts) but especially annoying rude (over)politically correct and some how not relavent and possibly dont exist

a body that assert there personal views while stepping/burning evey one else

authority (especially im just following orders)

One who is assumes the role of dictating to others based on commonplace or personal taboo

"Trapped amongst the ass puppets"

"My Xgf had a baby a year after she called me while out of town to inform me she had her career to think about and she was haveing an abortion her and my buddy are happy together and doing well.
#ghost #cop #fake #other #them #phantom #waste of space #nobody
by jean3306 November 08, 2013
Some one who talks all kinds of shit thru their ass almost as if strings were attached to their turd cutter
Brian,the shit talking pickle puffer he is,was being a freaking asspuppet when he tried denying his true love for the shim
by Rob(pcm at the shore) January 18, 2003
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