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A slice of asspie, as it is commonly referred to, is a synonym for a big, steaming pile of shit. To qualify as an asspie, the crap must be larger than a Volkswagen Beetle spare tire and it must be fresh. Extra points if there is actual steam rising from it!
John: This movie was a piece of steaming asspie!
Elizabeth: Have you seen 2 girls 1 cup? That bitch cranked out an asspie in a cup.
by CartlidgeIsGay January 26, 2009
The product created when spreading ones ass cheeks and spackling the space between with cherry filling
Dane's mom really knows how to make a good asspie
by B_don October 16, 2011
Hateful slur used against people with Asperger's Syndrome, by those with no life or anything better to do. A pun on the term, Aspie.

Typically coupled with a denial that Asperger's Syndrome exists, this expression is often used to imply that Asperger's constitutes bad behavior, rather than a meaningful disability, and that Aspies are just jerks.
Stop cryin'! You're nothin' but an Ass Pie, and you shut up about your phony prob-"

<teacher grabs hater by scruff of his shirt>

"Principal's office: NOW."
by The Urban Husky July 26, 2012
What the popular cool kids called me as a kid cuz I have asperger's. I was beat up by the jocks and made fun of cuz i wasnt "right". You shouldn't call us ass pie's. We aren't dumb.
I was known as " Ass Pie" in High School.
by Michael Asperger's Rehmeyer October 30, 2008
Someone or something that is either stupid or is really stupid.
What an asspie! I can't belive he ate that dead cat.
by Dr Barnyard J. Messiah May 09, 2003
A disgusting-tasting pie.
"I hope they're not serving any of that asspie today!"
by Bethany November 09, 2003
A word that can stand for anything taken to be negative, ranging from describing mediocrity to expressing anger or disinterest in a situation.
As a noun, "That movie was asspie."
As an adjective, ", The acting was such asspie."
As a proper noun, ", Hey, Asspie!"
by The Colonol April 26, 2006