one who can convince a girl to give up the ass is an assmaster.
hey 'bout some ass?
by Anonymous July 31, 2003
(noun) from the celtic word "aisse" (the anus)and the German word "meister" (sir/lord/master); def.: one who is the lord of more than one ass; the keeper of asses; an ass manager.
I would not pick from that juicy bed of asses until I'd gone ask permission from the resident assmaster.
by Jorge April 04, 2003
One who has mastered the 'ass'.
'No no, Cartman is the assmaster'
by the williams July 11, 2003
The act of filming gay porn on a boat while fishing. It is a play on the words "Bass Masters".
You guys wanna do an Ass Masters at the lake today?
by conleyrich January 09, 2010
Two Possible Meanings
1. Either the ability to get ass from all women, therefore becoming master of the ass, can be applied as a form of admiration or possibly an insult (usually both).

2. Or a term for one who is skilled in the buttsex, may be applied to homosexuals.
1. "The Assmaster is out again"

2. "Yeah Steve is a real Assmaster isn't he?"
by Edward Franklin January 01, 2004
A male who is obsessed with all things ass. Male, Female, animal... you name it. If it has an ass, he wants to stick it.
Brent is such an ass master.
by T-Bone March 07, 2003
bein about a big greasy bootie. smackin, flippin and rubbin it down. a master of that ass.
assmaster_I smacked that big greasy bootie down with a spattula. im the ass master. im the assmaster

it keeps telling me im not using assmaster in my example. here's my assmaster sentence dang
by chambrey February 29, 2008
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