You and/or one or more of your gay little buddies, that like to give/take it up the ass regularly
Damn son, you showed him who the ass master around here is.
by CAT_MARK_1 August 21, 2007
ok, well u know when u're walking in the shops, or just just walkin in general, with lots of people around... sometime u get those guys walking RIGHT behind u, right up your ass, they want to pass, but they don't say anything. that's an ass master!

there's an ass master behind us, lets let him pass
by SpotMaster August 29, 2006
(slang) One who is master of all things ass-related.
My boss is being such an ass master today!
by Robert Turner January 29, 2003
Carlos D. of Interpol is a prime example of an ass master.
Wow, you are such an ass master Carlos! lol
by Crash And Burn March 03, 2005
someone who is the ruler of the assholes. they try to act like their the most awesome person ever, but theyre nothing more than an ass master
"John tried to take my girl from me by doing his dumbass disco rountine"

"what an assmaster"
by Sam Baker May 13, 2006
one who can convince a girl to give up the ass is an assmaster.
hey 'bout some ass?
by Anonymous July 31, 2003
The person who owns your ass.
Jake says to margie, "Hey you're a bitch!"

Margie says back, "Go report back to your assmaster!"
by Alli-BABA June 28, 2010

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