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That fizzy feeling that a gent gets while receiving horatio from a more mature lady who has just relocated her dentures after a soak in Steradent. Aka Fizzy Jizzy
Roger gasped as Granny Smiths gums tickled his musket like popping candy. Afterwards he asked where she learned her wonderful technique. "That's not technique " she replied. "That's a Steradent Soother"
by assmasta February 19, 2015
After a prolonged period of sexual abstinence, the explosion felt in the gentlemans area when the spaff bomb is finally released. Ladies may also feel the fast flying shrapnel from the bomb which can land anywhere but seems to target itself on the facial area. ( subject to approval)
Fuck me Dave. Did you hear the blast from my house last night? Finally blew up the spaff bomb. What a fuckin mess. The wife's happy tho cause it looks like we'll have to redecorate the bedroom.
by assmasta February 15, 2015
AKA: PingDeath
Tactical ops player who runs around saying things like "Lord of the Dance" with 140+ Pingage.. He has not gotten a confirmed kill in years
LordXap: I can dance.. Kill Me Fast
by Assmasta February 17, 2004
A Tactical Ops GOD! His skills are unparalleled in all of the gamning realm. AssMaster can frag opponents just by entering a room without even firing his MP5.
FATE-Assmaster Killed FATETreyBomb
FATE-Assmaster Killed FATETaipan
FATE-Assmaster Killed FATEOxygen
FATE-Assmaster Killed FATE-Fucking_Hostile
FATE-Assmaster Killed FATE-Rhino
FATE-Assmaster Killed FATE-SemiPro
FATE-Assmaster Killed FATE-Doc}{oliday
FATE-Assmaster Killed FATE-LordXap
FATE-Assmaster Killed FATE-W0ady
FATE-Assmaster Killed FATE-Frominator

Best Fragger was FATE-AssMaster 1047 Damage
by Assmasta February 24, 2004
A piece of shit Tactical Ops Player.. One who gets pwned by n00bs
n00b killed FATEW0ady with a combatknife
by Assmasta February 17, 2004

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