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5 definitions by Westy

A small, co-educational boarding and day school in Connecticut. Best known for the rate at which students get explelled and its once OK hockey team, on which many of the expelled students were players. Most recently
Person A: Hey man, did you hear about that hockey player from Westy that got kicked out for having sex with a prostitute while on a hockey trip?
Person B: Yeah, I did. Sucks for him, he had to go to public school.
by Westy March 19, 2005
A golfcart driven by a Weaver or his gay little son, or any vehicle that is driven by a homosexual male.
Look at frickin Cory Rider and his Weaver golfcart. I wish that kid would quit being such a fairy.
by Westy December 03, 2003
the home of the greatest ppl on earth
by westy August 04, 2003
One who wishes to fondle lots of asses
Check out CT's weak assmaster capabilities........oh yeah MB's an assmaster too.
by Westy March 27, 2003
Term referring to the ultimate greatness of University of Louisville athletics. L yes is usually partnered with an up-ward hand signal where the hand forms an L; this is also usually retaliated by a sea of 'L yes's' from the crowd.
The Cardinals just won the conference again! L yes!
by WESTY March 02, 2005