Top Definition
1. Noun: Someone who acts like a complete and utter moron deliberately, perhaps to get attention.
2. Adjective: One who acts likes the person described above.
3. Verb: The act of being a complete and utter moron.
1. Steve is such an assklown.
2. Steve is being so assklownish.
3. Steve was assklowning.
by LeninousMinious May 22, 2005
When a rotten ass makes a klown of himself
"That was wrong, assklown!"
by Clover February 25, 2003
a dickhole from outer space
"Richie is such an assklown."
"Why is that guy being a fucking assklown?"or "That Duran is a fucking assklown!"
Richie Duran
by xbloodknucklesx May 10, 2008
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