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a holy ass; holy crap ass; holy mean ass
God, this teacher is so assholic.
by reynneth March 25, 2009
8 22
adjective describing someone or something that has the qualities and/or characteristics of an asshole.
That priest gave a really assholic sermon today.

by berserker256 May 17, 2003
172 63
Of, relating to, or being like an asshole. ie. cruel and unusual behavior, unsensitiveness, et cetera.
That was real assholic of you to humiliate that guy like that.
by candor March 13, 2003
51 38
(adj) when people are continually acting like assholes or have done something to be mean, rude and/or obnoxious.
Meat heads in bars often act assholic when they get wasted
by Allie S. B. June 23, 2006
23 26
To be asshole-like; Properties of someone being arrogant, rude, obnoxious, or just a total dickhead.
That last test was assholic
by Krazy Smith May 04, 2008
15 20
Assholic, n. Someone, preferably of the female gender, who has it wished upon them by multiple beings to be violently pillaged and ravaged by a shark, usually a great white, who then devours the flesh of said entity in a rather barbaric and savoring manner.
Guy: Look of that bag 'o ho over there! *points

Girl: Oh my gosh, she's assholic!

Guy: I agree, now let's go dump her in a shark tank and help out society!
by AJndEC January 12, 2011
25 34
The chronic habit of being an asshole.
Urgh, the boys from my high school days are still being stupid and assholic even after so long.

That dude in the club wouldn't stop trying to grind up against me. Assholic.
by Green Porno July 15, 2010
3 15
a person or entity that does something in a very asshole like manner. This usually causes people to get very angry, resulting in possible violent outcomes.
Person 1: *punches person 2 for no reason*
person 2: *passes out*
person 2's girlfriend: "that was an assholic thing to do!" *claws face of person 1*

judge: i order you to cease and desist the assholic behavior toward the defendant!!
by Dinjin201 June 18, 2009
1 15