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8 definitions by berserker256

adjective describing someone or something that has the qualities and/or characteristics of an asshole.
That priest gave a really assholic sermon today.

by berserker256 May 17, 2003
197 78
Prison term: two pieces of white bread with mayonnaise smothered in between. The mayo sandwhich is then placed in the microwave to heat it up so it resembles a woman's vagina. It is then fucked.
When I got done with my hot pocket I gave it to mikey. He likes it! Hey Mikey!
by berserker256 May 18, 2003
232 182
An unfavorable situation or dilema.
I knocked up my best friend's wife. What a huge shit sandwhich.

by berserker256 May 18, 2003
57 22
1. Byproduct of male masturbation
2. Semen
How the fuck did I get jacksauce in my hair?!
by berserker256 May 16, 2003
35 2
labia. Pussy lips.
Her fuck flaps looked like a mound of old lunch meat.
by berserker256 May 17, 2003
45 14
aka: butthole, cornhole, asshole, etc.
That broad was nuts. She lifted up my seed pouch and licked at my shitshoot like a thirsty hound.
by berserker256 May 17, 2003
20 5
Penut butter and cock.
We're all out of PB & J. How about a PB & C?!
by berserker256 May 18, 2003
23 13