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To get extremeley drunk... which makes you behave like a complete idiotic asshole. Basically you got fucked by alcohol(up da ass).
Man, we drank so much we got totally assholed.
by Nixx March 23, 2006
The act of someone's car getting hit from behind or hitting someone's car from behind.
Eric: Did you hear about Steve's car?
Dave: I sure did, Steve was sitting at the red light and some drunk guy assholed him.

Ashlee: I got assholed the other day in traffic.
Erin: Yeah, that guy nailed you pretty hard from behind! Is your car totaled?
by David.. December 06, 2007
The act of being hoodwinked by an annoyingly clever set of circumstances or person.
Nick just assholed me into taking him home and asking for a candy bar as my terms of payment.
by Roger Koff November 20, 2011
The process of fucking someone in the ass.
"The other day I assholed this girl"
by john poopsack March 24, 2008

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