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To get extremeley drunk... which makes you behave like a complete idiotic asshole. Basically you got fucked by alcohol(up da ass).
Man, we drank so much we got totally assholed.
by Nixx March 23, 2006
A person who sucks up to people alot...

A creamer is someone who may as well apply cream to someones ass, cos they wanna get something in return. Or wants to get into someones good books...it seems like they would do just about anything to get in there.
He makes me sick, he's such a creamer!

Why don't you just cream her ass pal, you do everything else!!
by Nixx March 23, 2006
Originally used to describe Higher education, achieved, doctorate.

But also used to describe a...

Playa hatin' dick head.
Damn, he always jealous, he a playa hatin dickhead(phd), 4 real!
by Nixx March 23, 2006
An incredibly discrete and racist term or abbrieviation, people use it to describe either African or Jamaican poeple...
A racist might say...Send those Cans back to where they came from!

Or(racist joke)...
Person A)Did you shoot any cans recently?
Person B)You means beer cans, and coke cans?
Person A) No! did you shoot any Africans or Jamaicans?...
by Nixx March 23, 2006

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