The term a six year old will call a nine year old, in defense of being called a butthead. The opposite of an asset.
Asshead to be: "Get out of my room, your such a butthead sometimes!"

Butthead: "Oh yeah, well you're an asshead all the time!"
by Solid Orange August 05, 2010
someone relly dumb, stupid or annoting
"no assheads allowed!!! that means you Milo!!! you asshead!!!" - - - the Oblongs
by abbi mazz April 10, 2003
A person who only thinks of themselves for their benefit... You are depending on this person for something simple, or asked a question. They're smiling at you but thinking "screw you and your happiness cause I'm feeling sad today/living a messed up life. So I'm giving you 2nd rate service."
(I was having fun) then that bartender served us weak drinks. He's an AssHead !
That AssHead parking cop gave my (new car) a parking ticket !
by DlyciousMusic June 04, 2009
a person with simply an ass as their head. deformed? no, ugly as fuck? yes. ass head ass head asshead. use it insead of bbig head. meani. or any other namess or even asshole
omg hes being such a mf asshead.

shes definately being an asshead
by abcdef.123 April 25, 2009
A more grown up verson of butthead, often used by those who are drunk or just not very smart.
"Are you drunk, Danielle?"
"Just because I had a couple more then I should have doesn't make me drunk, asshead."
by Slinder02 March 12, 2004
The form of having two ass cheeks on your head and having an asshole in between or someone who just looks entirely horrific.
wow louie your such an asshead.
by cen one July 23, 2003
human who's hair on head is like the hair on a skonks ass, and stinks
You betrayed me asshead!
by wisdom33 August 06, 2007

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