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In corporate parlance, a lackey or subservient employee who attempts to ingratiate himself with his superiors; a toadie.
John follows the Boss around constantly; he's a major asshamster.
by spacegoblyn October 15, 2003
Self explanatory. To achieve sexual bliss, some sodomites use hamsters inserted into their rectums. Hence, the term 'Ass Hamster.'

by hambo von hampsterdam September 24, 2003
a lazy/underperforming employee who tries to make himself seem better by following/associating with higher ranked employees
bob is an asshamster
by lemonlaw95 September 23, 2008
1: (n) Crabs in one's anus.

2: (v) When someone inserts a PVC pipe into one's anus and allows rodents of many shapes and sizes crawl up into the others colon.
1: Damn my ass itches, I think I may have ass hamsters!

2: Johnny was ass hamstered by those guys in gym class
by Derrick Moran September 23, 2008
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