Having a chin structured from two horizontal segments, bearing a remarkable resemblance to an ass placed at the bottom of the face. The advantage of having an ass face is that one is able to blow one's nose and wipe one's ass simultaneously.
after many years of friendship i suddenly realised that Bell had an ass face.
#arse face #ass face #ass #chin #bell
by foleynkay January 12, 2006
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Top Definition
1) One who has the face of an ass
2) One who has an ass for a face
3) One who has the appearance of two protruding buttcheeks just below one's forehead
Look at that assface
by Dirty Sanchez April 18, 2003
A multipurpose insult (Note: the person in question's face may bear no resemblence to an ass)
Carol was being such an ass face today.
#ass #face #insult #ass-face #bitch #biatch
by benign_revolution February 28, 2006
Someone who either A) does something to piss you off or B) does something stupid. Synonomous with jackass, loser, dumbass, idiot, bitch, jerk, etc.
Gah Mary! Why'd you have to kick all my shit over? You assface!!!
#ass #face #jerk #loser #bitch
by Ebe1 February 27, 2008
one who's face looks like an ass
Hey Ass Face, it's your chin that does it.
by King Shit January 18, 2003
noun - a person whose behavior is so completely and utterly atrocious that the only explanation is that the person has an ass for a face and as such must live up (or down as it were) to the face.
Those insane extremists who blame disastrous, natural phenomena on God punishing, the gay community, the historical slave owners, and the all encompassing "sinners". Those people? Assfaces.
by Soobee September 06, 2005
An individual who just happens to be in the unique position of having his face look identical to his ass. In most cases, the face takes on the role of the ass and vice-versa. So, it is not uncommon for an assface to have bad breath and to talk a lot of shit.
He's such an assface - have you heard the shit that comes out of his mouth?
#ass face #asface #arse face #arseface #arsface
by DrDeadpan September 08, 2009
(1) A person who, out of lack of intelligence or ignorance is making a fool out of him or her self, (2) Drop-dead ugly
"Straighten up, assface, people are watching."
"Holy Shit -- that guy has an assface."
#ignorant #stupid #foolish #ass-face #ugly #homely
by M. A. Melton May 29, 2006
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