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4 definitions by jackcansingcsharp

a term used to insult an individual who's facial features are equivalent in attractiveness to an ass.
"Man Jamie, you are such an assface."

"That guy is such an assface."
by jackcansingcsharp April 28, 2009
10 7
Slang terminology for marijuana. Another slang term for marijuana is "Mary Jane". In the Spiderman mythology Peter Parker (Spiderman) is infatuated with a woman by the name of "Mary Jane". The actual term relating to marijuana "Mary Jane" has become widely recognized as marijuana thus "Spiderman's lover" is a form of evolution as no authoritative figure will have any clue who in the fuck Spiderman's lover is.
"Did you get a piece of Spiderman's lover last night? She was high quality stuff."

"That Spiderman sure has it made, his lover makes me feel fantastic."
by jackcansingcsharp April 28, 2009
3 1
to partake in a heavily competitive game of nintendo's super smash bros. melee against other competitors.
"Hey man, do you wanna have a smash later?"

"Let's go smash."
by jackcansingcsharp April 28, 2009
87 85
A common codeword for marijuana. Often used in the presence of authoritative figures to dismay any suspicions of consumption of marijuana.
"Wanna go halves on some cheese?"

"If there's one thing I enjoy more than any other, it's a good bit of cheese."
by jackcansingcsharp April 28, 2009
1 3