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An escapade but involving people who are general asses. Escapades are cool, but the presence of asses turns it into an asscapade, which is decidedly not cool. Note that normally cool people can turn into asses when drinking, thus making any outing an asscapade.
Sharon:I was going to go to movies, but with Bob and Dylan there its going to be a total asscapade
#retard convention #fun time #ass #escapade #drunk
by Caitie D March 19, 2008
When a man is homosexual and is in the company of sympathizing, like sexual preferenced friends.
Look at those guys, they are staring in the asscapades.
#homosexual #gay #butt pirate #pillow biter #grape smuggler
by Beau Swaims July 06, 2006
The act of being a gay man.
Jeff Gordon has the lead role in the asscapades.
#gay #homo #faggot #butt pirate #rump raider
by Chickie Chick-Chick July 30, 2006
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