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A person who really sucks. A total jerk.
Wow man, you are indeed a assbite
by dasmart one October 30, 2007
Severe Chaffing of your ass as a result of sitting on a dodgy chair for too long.
Man, this chair is giving me some serious assbite.
by Trev & Waf March 31, 2008
One who wins a verbal debate. One who uses words as his weapon or tool to win an argument.
I can never win a debate against Barry! He kicks my ass every time. What an Assbite!
by SweetSister May 16, 2007
the sensation one experiences--ie, on a roller coaster, or a very high swing as a child, or driving fast down a steep hill, or falling in a dream--that causes your body to suddenly tense and your anus to pucker inward reflexively and with force, as if your ass is 'biting down' as a result of the sensation; an autonomic ass pucker
Parasailing makes my ass bite.
by Holly M S June 13, 2010
A Person who acts with extreme stupidity and homosexuality. One who enjoys facial contact with the anus.
"Dude, Your such a fucking assbite."
by EvilPanda December 19, 2003
one who bitres the anal parts
you cocksmokin' assbite, you bit my cocksuckin' ass
by dranem March 04, 2005